Flight Services Features

Our Distinctive Features of Charter Airplane services makes us the best in the Charter Aircraft Rental services. Hiring the Airplane from us comes with the following features which are mentioned below.

Time Saving

Offering time saving conveniences when it comes to making sure you arrive at your destination or at the medical facilitation center at most of the locations across India on time.

Comfortable & Stress Free

Easing the stress of rushing through a commercial airport and getting through queues, saving plenty of time to board specially designed Airplane Jet for the ease & Comfort of passengers.

No-Luggage Issue

Avoid the long lines at airport check-in and baggage counters. Our crew will take care of your luggage with Special assistance at the airport for speedy boarding / De-boarding on your private jet.

Safe Flying

Our pilots are experienced and completely professional. The services we offer on Private Jet are of the highest quality, even with portable life saving equipment in Air Ambulance.

Access to all Airports

Airlogic has access to more than 400 airports throughout India. Just choose which one is closest to your upcoming business appointment & in no time you will reach there on your Charter Jet.

Special Assistance

Our Team will be in touch with you 24x7 from first point of interaction to comfortable landing at your destination, ensuring the best of the services at your personal private charter airplane jet.

Recent Flights

Our Aircraft Rental services has served many people across the country. Serving the best has been the prime motive of the organisation and satisfaction is shown in our recent charter flights

Our Partners

Airlogic Aviation provides best services of Charter Planes. In order to serve maximum people, Airlogic has certain wings named Charter Plus for Helicopter Charter services and Helibooking for Helicopter Tours


What people say about their best Charter Flight Experience

Airlogic provided the world class treatment for my short trip from Delhi. I was impressed by the swift actions taken by their team members on my urgent query & in no time I was flying to Chandigarh through Charter Jet. All the 5 stars for them

Mohd. Sharjeel, Commercial Pilot

Yes to this fact, all credit goes to Airlogic Aviation Solution for saving my mum's life. It was such a quick action that I couldn't even imagine my mother reached to the Hospital in just few minutes through the Air Ambulance.

Mohd. Sharjeel, Commercial Pilot

Don't know How to complement the services of the private jet provided by Airlogic Aviation Solutions for my wedding. Enjoyed every bit of the trip. Thanks Airlogic !

Mohd. Sharjeel, Commercial Pilot

I know people How would people see Leisure Charter. But Airlogic people knew its party mode on Charter Flights too. I celebrated my daughter’s memorable birthday on the Charter Flight.

Mohd. Sharjeel, Commercial Pilot